STOP! Before You Pay Any Money to Save Your Home from Foreclosure Get the Truth About Short Sales, Loan Modifications and Short Sale Buy Backs.

Learn how to short sale your home, get money for relocation or short sale and buy it back, pay nothing out of pocket, and never ever have to worry about your lender filing a Deficiency Judgment or asking for another single dime? Watch this this video to learn how.

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  • Why Lathe Lavade at First Prime Realty Group will never charge you to complete your short sale.
  • How it's possible to short sale your home and then buy it back at market value and never have to move a single piece of furniture.
  • How it's possible to Recieve up to $30,000 when you short sale your property for relocation assistance.
  • Why working with a real estate agent is the most important part when negotiating with your lender for the forgiveness of debt.
  • Why the expiration of the debt forgiveness act in 2013 could actually be the best thing that ever happened in regards to eliminating your tax liability on the amount forgiven by your lender.
  • How Lathe Lavade at First Prime Realty Group can help you buy a home 1 day after a short sale.
  • Why many other clients have chosen First Prime Realty to help them stop foreclosure and save their home.
  • Why a real estate agent is the best choice for completing a successful short sale.
  • How you may be able to reduce the amount you owe to your lender and how to complete a successful loan modification.
  • How you can keep your home and then turn it into an investment property that generates cash flow every single month.
  • How to short sale your home without ever having a single buyer walk through your front door.
  • How to find out who really owns your loan and why that little know fact can save you thousands of dollars a year and allow you to reduce the amount you owe on your property. on your monthly payment.
  • How to tell a good loan modification from a mouse trap.
  • How to see a mortgage scam from a real home saving opportunity.
  • How to get free attorney representation on your short sale when you work with Lathe Lavade at First Prime Realty Group.
  • How to refinance your mortgage save hundreds of dollars every month even though you ar upside down in your home. 
  • How to Get a free consultation with a Certified Public Accountant to review your short sale to make sure you have no tax liability.
  • Why closing on a short sale could help you pay off other dept and get rid of property liens.

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Being a Las Vegas Realtor is Lathe’s full time job and passion. He’s spent hours on end in actual real estate education and has the experience to go along with it. Las Vegas Short Sales require a realtor with the knowledge and expertise to get the home sold. Lathe considers himself that authority with years of training, experience and success. Since entering the work force, his passion has always been to help people obtain their goals. Lathe prides himself on being the “Right” professional guidance that Las Vegas short sale home sellers need.

About Lathe Lavade

“Lathe Lavada and his associates were incredible to work with during one of the most stressful and exciting times of my life. Lathe and his team at First Prime Realty Group were always helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I have referred many people to Lathe and will continue to do so." 

Elisha Meek
Las Vegas, NV

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